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2014 Newsletter


February 2014 Newsletter

The next meeting of the GGCWRT will be Thursday February 6, 2014 at 7 p.m. at the Westmoreland Bar Association. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Joe Mannard will speak on African American Troops in the Civil War

December 2013 Meeting

Eric Wible gave an interesting talk on the Battle for Knoxville. In November 1863 General Longstreet took 17,000 troops from Chattanooga to secure eastern Tennessee for the Confederates. Longstreet moved toward Knoxville, but faced a delaying action by General Burnside. The slowness of the Confederates and the delaying action allowed Captain Orlando Poe to fortify Knoxville against a siege. It was Poe’s complex and clever fortifications and assemblage of supplies that prevented the Confederates from taking the city. The Confederate assault on November 29, 1863 was poorly planned and executed. The Confederates were forced to retire. The siege is more complex than this short review, which can’t do justice to the talk. If you missed it you missed a most interesting account of one of the battlesof 1863.

2014 Meetings

February 6: Joe Mannard African American Troops in the Civil War
March 6: Alan Guthrie The Red River Campaign
April 3: John Wesner Wilderness campaign
May 1: Ken Williams The Bloody Angle
June 5: Rick Bowen and Dave Renaley Cold Harbor/Siege of Petersburg/Battle of the Crater
No Meeting in July
August 7: Marilyn McSparrin, Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign
September 4: Don Rigone Blue Water and Naval Warfare
October 2: Boggs and Basoney, Early’s Valley Campaign, Monocacy, 3
rd Winchester, Cedar Creek
November 6: TBA, Sherman’s March to the Sea
December 4: Stuart Horner, Jr., Franklin and Nashville

Refreshments 2014

Volunteers are needed for refreshments for the 2014 meetings. Refreshments may be kept simple. (I lost the original sheet to this section so if others have signed up let me know at the February meeting.)

February 6: Sue Hamilton and Isabel Elder

March 6:

April 3:

May 1: Mary Ann Mogus

June 5:

August 7:

September 4:

October 2:

November 6: COVERED DISH

December 4:

Other Groups


Other Items of Interest

Greater Pittsburgh Civil War Round Table

For directions www.grpghcwrt.org

Jan 27: Dan Clendaniel: “The 85th PA Volunteer Regiment and the Clendaniel Brothers”

Feb 24Stephen Recker: “Rare Photos of Antietam”

March 24: Civil War Jeopardy Game Night – Allison Barash

Westmoreland Civil War Round Table:

Contact Burt Kennedy for information on this group WCCWRT@verizon.net

California University Civil War Round Table

>Contact Walter Klorczyk at stonewall1863@comcast.net for directions

February 13: John Saporito, Colonel Robert Shaw Gould and the 54th Mass. Infantry

Baltzer Meyer Historical Society

642 Baltzer Meyer Pike, Greensburg PA 15601

Programs begin at 2 pm, contact Glenn Smeltzer for information.

March 18: Raina Ketterman, Women in the Civil War Arsenals

April 20: Edward H. Lybarger Trolley Systems of Westmoreland County

May 18: Rob Myers Funeral Foods of our Forefathers

June 8: Dr. John Rathgeb Medicines and Surgeries during the Civil War

Of Interest

Volunteers are needed to help raise funds for the preservation of the Westmoreland County Civil War Veterans Monument.
Anyone interested can call Jim Sims at 724-830-3530.
Donations can be sent to Community Development Corp., 41 West Ottoman Street, Suite 520, Greensburg, PA 15601.

Mary Ann Mogus
PO Box 594
Greensburg, PA 15601

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