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Cloud Walker

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Called to check on an occurrence at the White House, a group of scientists from a mid-twentieth century universe has a deadly encounter with the Khysids.  The scientists steal Khysid technology and discover how to create a Source Gate.  Hunted by a rogue army general and the Khysids, the scientists flee to the 1861 universe and the Civil War where they are sheltered by Colonel Crittenden of the Confederate Army.

The scientists upset Khysid plans for the invasion.  Both the Union and Confederacy learn the fate intended for them, one with a special irony for the South.  The Khysids treat war as a game and the scientists will serve as additional fodder, but these newcomers have upped the stakes by forcing the North and South to fight as one.

Using their skills to bring technology into the 1861 universe to counter the Khysids, the scientists halt the invasion, but the war is just beginning and one set of combatants will eventually become history.

Hidden Alliances

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The sequel to Shadow Hands starts as the Khysid Brothel in Richmond Virginia of the alternate universe is destroyed, but the secret information gathered by Towsen and his allies had fallen into Khysid hands.  Unable to stop the Civil War in the 1861 universe, Towsen must rely on others to help him.

While the technologically superior Khysid Army is poised for invasion and predation, Towsen and his friends must find a way to fight this invader.   Rhea Benton holds one key to the motives behind the invasion and she must get it across battle lines to Towsen in Richmond.

 But you can’t alter history in any universe without consequences and there is another key.  Hidden alliances are forming on other fronts and another woman in Maryland has had a vision of strange allies and the help they will bring.

Shadow Hands


(2012), M. A. Mogus, Wings e-Press

This is a science fiction fantasy set in an alternate universe on the cusp of the Civil War.  What do you do if you’re Trevor Towsen and your friend is murdered?  No one wants to help you discover the murderer, and your universe in being invaded by a horde of cosmic carpet baggers with a technology superior to yours.  You recruit help in the most unlikely places, you destroy your enemy’s base of operation (even if you don’t understand the technology) and you try to stop the Civil War.  Will you succeed?  You have to read the rest of the series.

The Lethe Gene

The Lethe Gene-REVISED WEB.jpg

(2009), M. A. Mogus, Wings e-Press

Bad dreams keeping you awake?  Maybe you are remembering a past life as is happening to Keri St. Cloud.  Your extra-cognitive abilities are anchored in your genes, and you have some very special ones.  Such an extra genetic mixture is very rare and is only possible in a female destined to become a rememberer.  If this isn’t strange enough, your former professor who tried to assault you is now out to kill you.  What is Keri to do?  Why, remember what she did in her past life.

The Haunted Foothills


(2013), M. A Mogus and Ed Kelemen, Weavers Old Stand Press

This is the second edition of a collection of ghost stories from sites around the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania. This book is $5.00 plus postage and is available by email from this website. It is also available from Second Chapter Books in Ligonier, PA.

Jaguar’s Mirror


(2006), M. A. Mogus, iUniverse

This science fiction fantasy is the first in the series containing Shadow Hands.  This alternate universe is 1526 and you are Diego DiSilva.  The man who raised you killed both your parents and is out to get you.

You need to get out of Spain and the only choice is the New World.  Seeking help from the Aztecs may seem like the frying pan into the fire, but this fire is transforming.

The new Aztec ruler is far different from any other, and possesses something called the Codex of Flowering Butterfly.  And Diego is about to learn that reality is something very different from what he thought it was.

Many Genres, One Craft: Lessons in Writing Popular Fidtion


Fiction (2012), edited by Mike Arnzen and Heidi Ruby Miller.  This book won the following awards in 2012:

Business Writing and Publishing Category, 2012 International Book Awards

Education/Academic Category, 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Finalist How To/Business Category, 2012 Military Writers Society of America

Finalist, 2012 Eric Hoffer Book Awards.

Many Genres is a how to book for anyone writing popular fiction.  Filled with chapters on every aspect of writing by authors published in various genres of popular fiction, it’s a must have for any writer.  I have the chapter “Set in History”.  Copies are available from www.headlinebooks.com, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  It is also available as an E-book.