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Since I also publish short stories and stories that appear in anthologies or online magazines, I’ll list recent selected publications in this section.

Watch for the new Phantom Detective book – The Phantom Detectives Take a Vacation.  The wily group of writers is forced from their library environs due to renovations.  August is a good month for vacations for members and Detective Manelli needs a rest from cold cases.  Instead he’s pestered by members of the writers’ group who need help with hot cases.  Due out in Spring of 2015.

M. A. Mogus (Fall 2014) “Hillview School: Re-Purposing and Historic Building), Westmoreland History, a journal of the Westmoreland count Historical Society.

M. A. Mogus (2014) Shaman’s Blood, Createspace.  (The book is listed on Amazon only as both paperback and E-Book.)

M. A. Mogus (2014) Cloudwalker, Wings-ePress.  (This is available from Barnes and Noble and Amazon in both paperback and E-Book format.)

M. A. Mogus (2013) “Many Happy Returns” in Hazard Yet Forward editors Matt and Natalie Duvall.  This is an E-Book only available through Amazon.

M. A. Mogus (2011) “Political Pork” on Wings e-Press short stories website.

M. A. Mogus (2010) “Something New” in Loyalhanna Review 2010.

M. A. Mogus (2008) “Signs of Murder” in The Phantom Detectives Take a Holiday, compiled by the Greensburg Writers’ Group, printed by Weavers Old Stand, Armbrust, PA.

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